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The Professor (Il Camorrista) 1986

Vaguely inspired to the real story of boss of the Camorra's bosses Raffaele Cutolo, this is the story of the criminal career of "Il professore" (the professor). He is in prison, and by there he is able to build, step by step, an empire founded on murders and drugs. He starts a war to destroy all the old Camorra bosses and becoming the new "boss of the bosses". With his sister's help he manages to evade from prison and escape in New York. Here he starts immediately a new relationship with "Cosa Nostra" (Italian American Mafia). He is going to seat on the peak of the most powerful criminal organization, and the Italian authorities are almost impotent.


Giuseppe Tornatore


Ben Gazzara, Laura del Sol, Leo Gullotta

This movie was originally produced as a 5-hour TV-movie.

First theatrical film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

Despite Ben Gazzara played his role in Italian, he was later dubbed by Mariano Rigillo.

Music by Nicola Piovani.

Subs: English & Portuguese

Video Link: https://youtu.be/26ocTE5RSOA

Copyrighted movie but blocked only in Spain.

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  1. Boa noite.Link para o vídeo, em cor azul, não está funcionando.

  2. Puxa, houve alguma problema para eu ver seu comentário. Já consertei o link. Quando ocorrer isso novamente, copie a URL e coloque no YouTube, que acho que irá funcionar.


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