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Nothing But the Truth , with Bob Hope (1941)

Bob Hope swears he will tell "Nothing but the Truth" in this 1941 comedy also starring Paulette Goddard, Edward Arnold, Helen Vinson, Leif Erickson, and Willie Best. This was Hope's and Goddard's third film together. 

Hope plays a broker, Steve Bennett, who agrees to invest Goddard's money for a charity and double it. He's not sure how to do it until he gets into a discussion with his fellow brokers about lying versus telling the truth. Steve feels the same things can be accomplished by the truth rather than lying. He puts up his $10,000 to bet that he can tell the truth for 24 hours.

Directed by Elliot Nugent

Starred by Bob Hope, Edward Arnold, Paulette Goddard, Leif Erickson.

Subs: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Video Link: https://youtu.be/p25HqD3Ksqo

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