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A Shock to the System (with Michael Caine, 1990)

A Shock to the System is directed by Jan Egleson and adapted to screenplay by Andrew Klavan from the novel written by Simon Brett.
Graham Marshall (Caine) is once again overlooked for promotion and once again his harpy wife (Kurtz) belittles him.Then a heated exchange at the train station results in the accidental death of a beggar, and he gets away with it, something which gives Graham some devilish thoughts, one of Satan's light bulbs ignited above his head.

Directed by Jan Egleson
Based on a novel written by Simon Brett.

Stars: Michael Caine, Elizabeth McGovern, Will Patton, Swoosie Kurtz, Jenny Wright and Samuel L. Jackson in a cameo (Appears very briefly as a three-card Monte dealer, on the street, with one quick line of dialogue).

Michael Caine said of this movie in a 2002 interview with "Venice Magazine", "That was a lovely little film, but it was too small for its own good, really. It got lost. It was the sort of film, were it made today, that would be great as a film for HBO, or something. But at the time, it just got lost in the system.

Subs: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Link: https://youtu.be/jJezTzpUErU

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