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Chunhyang (Chunhyangdyun) - 2000

Mongryong marries the beautiful Chunhyang without telling his father, the Governor of Namwon. When his father is transferred to Seoul, Mongryong has to leave Chunhyang and finish his exams. Chunhyang, being the daughter of a courtesan, is also legally a courtesan. She is beaten and imprisoned when she refuses to obey the new Governor Byun, as she wishes to be faithful to her husband. After three years, Mongryong passes his exam and becomes an emissary to the King. He returns to Namwon, disguised as a beggar, just before Chunhyang is to be flogged to death at the governor's birthday celebration.


Im Kwon-taek


Sang-hyun Cho Hye-yun Kang Kim Myung-gon


Hyo-jeong Lee Cho Seung-woo Seong-nyeo Kim

A "pansori" (on which this movie is based) was a four to six-hour long musical poem performed by a singer and a drummer.

Official submission of South Korea for the 'Best Foreign Language Film' category of the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001.

The bed scene between Chunhyang and Mongryong took two days to film because Cho Seung-woo and Hyo-jeong Lee, who had no experience at all, were shy. The two of them didn't know there was a love scene until they started filming, and they were scared, and director Im Kwon-taek gave them homework to come after seeing 'Yellow Hair'. Hyo-jeong Lee, a 16-year-old first-year high school student, said, "I was filming a love scene that was 1 minute and 30 seconds long, and I stayed up all night for two full nights. On a hot summer day, I was very upset with the director and I remember it very well."

Subtitles - English

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/tJ6fIERdmnY

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