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A Double Shot from Mike Leigh´s episodes of Play For Today

Who is Who (1979) Episode 15 of Season 9 of BBC Play for Today, a TV Show that aired from 1970 to 1984, which won 11 BAFTA Awards.

Slice-of-life look at class divisions among employees of a brokerage house. Alan, with his portrait of the Queen and love of the peerage; his wife April, who raises cats; youthful and pretentious friends Nigel, Giles, and Anthony, who gather for a wine-soaked dinner party with the chatty and risque Samantha and the mousy Caroline; the plummy Lord and Lady Crouchurst, in a spot of bother needing the help of Francis, a senior partner, to assist with the family's cash flow. Alan comes home from work to find Mr. Shakespeare doing a photo shoot of one of April's cats and a wealthy stranger, Miss Hunt, waiting to purchase one. His instincts for sycophantic palaver kick in.

Director & Writer: Mike Leigh

Stars: Richard Kane, Joolia Cappleman, Phil Davis, Geraldine James.

Subtitles: English.
YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/MfxZ6sPCtw4



Episode 19, Season 12 from the BBC TV Show PLAY FOR TODAY"

Three postal workers and their dysfunctional families interact over cups of tea and Sunday dinner. Stan, Gordon, and Harold sort mail. While the clueless Harold's at work, Stan nips round for loveless sex with Harold's near-sighted, romance-starved wife, June. When Gordon's out, Hazel invites Stan in for tea, randy talk, and to show off her newly-thin figure. Motor-mouthed, intrusive social workers want Stan to spend time with his teenage daughter, Tina, "fostered out" since Stan's divorce. One Sunday, Hazel invites Stan and Tina to dinner; Gordon and Hazel argue; it's on to Stan's, where June shows up wanting a private talk. She's miserable. Tina mutely looks on.

Directed by: Mike Leigh

Stars: Eric Richard, Lorraine Brunning, Kay Stonham

Subtitles: English.

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/699uiPi8fSU


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