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His Most Serene Highness - Su alteza serenísima - (2001)

From legendary director Felipe Cazals, a historical drama of the last days of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Despite defeating the Texans of the Alamo, he lost the war of Texas Independence and gave away half of Mexico (including Texas, New Mexico, and Oregon). Exiled from his homeland, he is allowed to return only a few years before dying in 1976. At the end of his life, he still clings to illusions of regaining his former glory and popularity.

Director: Felipe Cazals. 

Writer: Felipe Cazals.

Stars: Alejandro Parodi, Ana Bertha Espín, Rodolfo Arias, Pedro Armendariz, Blanca Guerra, Ana Ofelia Murguia, Jose Carlos Ruiz, Salvador Sanchez, Isaura Espinosa, Carmen Delgado, Ana Maria Fernández, Guillermina Fernández, Alma Oropeza, Abel Woolrich, Juan de la Loza, Jorge Hernández.

Composer: Piero Piccioni.

Subtitled in English.


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La femme défendue - The Forbidden Woman (1997)

Official selection Cannes 1997. Nomination at the CESAR and Prix Romy Schneider for Isabelle Carré. 100% of joy. François is 39, married and a child. Lives confortably. Muriel is 22, single and free. They meet casually and the man tries to seduce the girl. What happens now is common place in an adultery. But the way Philippe Harel presents the story is unique. The dialogue and, most of all, the beautiful face of Isabelle casts a spell over us, the viewers. As a matter of fact we don't see anybody else than the young girl, not even her lover. All which is out of Muriel's feelings is left aside and, in his way to explore the intimacy of the human being, without unkindness nor complaisance, Harel reinvented the strategy of seduction, like it used to be 200 years ago, but introducing the erotism which was then concealed


Philippe Harel


Isabelle Carré, Philippe Harel, Nathalie Conio.

Subtitles: English.


Poussière d’empire - Dust of Empire (1983)

In 1954, escorted by a sergeant, a French nun travels through Tonkin, spreading the good Catholic word as she goes. A mute child leads her to a remote village. Installed at a carpenter, the travelers prepare the projection material indispensable to their propaganda. At nightfall, in a storm, a group of maquisards surrounded the house. Fortunately, the carpenter is a respected man. The attackers withdraw. After a sudden rise in water, the mute child loses the precious message that had been entrusted to him by a wounded maquis...

Director: Lâm Lê.

Stars: Dominique Sanda, Jean-François Stévenin, Thang-Long, Yann Roussel, Anne Canovas, Lan Hoang, Myriam Mézières, Tra Huu Phuc.

Subtitled in English.


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To Die... To Sleep... Perchance to Dream - Morir... dormir... tal vez soñar (1976)

An old empty mansion. The ghost of a man who lived there returns to recall the crucial moments of a lifetime. Faced with the proximity of death, the experiences of his past come to the memory of Juan. In a fragmented, sometimes confused way, Juan relives crucial moments of his life and his family, from 1915 to 1966, almost always linked to the names of several women. Memories that remind him of having missed numerous opportunities to be happy.

Director: Manuel Mur Oti.

Writers: José Mallorquí (story), Manuel Mur Oti.

Stars: Rafael Arcos, Israel Morales, Ernesto Martín, María Rubio, Raquel Rodrigo, Pedro Díez del Corral, Jane Seymour, Alfredo Garrido, Irene Losada, Diana Salcedo, Esther Santana, Conchita Perez, Alfonso del Real, Nyree Dawn Porter, Rosa de Alba, Ana Gasber, Manuel Rodal.

Subtitled in English.


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Wernher von Braun- I aim at the Stars (1960)

The life story of the famed rocket scientist Dr. Werner von Braun, one of the most brilliant and controversial figures of the space age. Dr. von Braun helped pioneer man’s adventure into space through his rocket experiments; his was the brain behind the V-2 rockets which blasted London in World War II; his was also the brain which led America into the development and the launching of space satellites.

Director: J. Lee Thompson.

Writers: H.W. John, Udo Wolter & George Froeschel (story), Jay Dratler (screenplay).

Stars: Curd Jürgens, Victoria Shaw, Herbert Lom, Gia Scala, James Daly, Adrian Hoven, Gerard Heinz, Karel Stepanek, Peter Capell, Hayden Rorke, Austin Willis, Alan Gifford, Helmo Kindermann, Lea Seidl, John Crawford.

Cinematographer: Wilkie Cooper.

Music by: Laurie Johnson.



His Most Serene Highness - Su alteza serenísima - (2001)

From legendary director Felipe Cazals, a historical drama of the last days of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Despite defeating the Tex...