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The Emperor In August (Nihon no ichiban nagai hi ketteiban), 2015

The film recreates the chain of historical events from April to August 15, 1945, which determined the further fate of Japan: the last months of the command of the armed forces of Imperial Japan - which ignited the explosive clash between hardliners within Japan's military leadership and the more pacifistic approach of Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Kantaro Suzuki - which ultimately led to Japan's surrender in the second world war. The main ideological conflict seemed to be, whether Japan was to survive as a beaten nation under the initial occupation of the US - advocated by Emperor Hirohito - or whether Japan was to go down in a blaze of glory (and live forever as an immortal nation in the spirit world!) - advocated by hardliners within Japan's military leadership. Both arguments had their pro's and con's - as highlighted in this very detailed dramatization of historic events.

Masato Harada
Kazutoshi Handô and Masato Harada
Kôji Yakusho, Masahiro Motoki as the Emperor, Tsutomu Yamazaki

Subs: English & Portuguese
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Shallow Grave (Danny Boyle, 1994)

Alex, David and Juliet share a flat together and are looking for a new flat mate to help fill the flat out. They see various applicants who don't fit until they meet the mysterious Hugo who is `interesting' and takes the room. Almost a week goes by and he doesn't come out of his room once, so they break down

Hugo's door to find him dead with a suitcase full of money. To keep the money, they agree to destroy Hugo's body and draw straws to see who does the cutting. David ends up doing the deed but it affects him badly and he becomes increasingly erratic and paranoid. Meanwhile two criminals are dredging the underworld looking for the money.

Director & Writer Danny Boyle

Kerry Fox, Christopher Eccleston, Ewan McGregor

Subs: English & Portuguese

YouTube movie link:

The film was the most commercially successful British film of 1995.
Danny Boyle knew he had a hit on his hands when the film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and the organizers had to set up three extra screenings just to meet demand.
According to director Danny Boyle there's a sly connection between this film and his next film, Trainspotting (1996). Keith Allen portrays a drug dealer in both films leading us to believe he may be the same character featured in both, as Trainspotting was supposed to take place in the late 80s before the occurrences in Shallow Grave.

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Zebrahead (1992)

This is a Romeo and Juliet type tale based in Detroit, Michigan. Two young men, Zack, a white teen accused of "acting black" and Dee, an African American teen, defy racial lines and form a strong friendship. When Zack begins dating Dee's cousin Nikki, his white friends presume he's seeing her because of sexual stereotypes about black women, while her black friends can't believe her interest in him. Additional conflict is added when Nut, a local black gang-banger pursues Nikki for himself and undisguised but contained racial tensions in their respective neighborhoods and the high school they all attend erupt in violence.

Director & Writer
Anthony Drazan

Michael Rapaport, DeShonn Castle, Kevin Corrigan

Subtitles: English
YouTube movie link:

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Jane Fonda talks about Redford, Lee Marvin, Godard and Hepburn In Appearance In Cannes

In a wide-ranging conversation at the Cannes Film Festival today, Jane Fonda did not hold back, offering uncensored opinions on Robert Redford, Jean-Luc Godard, Michael Douglas, and Katharine Hepburn, not to mention climate change.

Her comments about co-stars and colleagues weren’t always flattering. Speaking at the Rendezvous with Jane Fonda event at the Salle Buñuel, the two-time Oscar winner said she “was in love with” Redford, her leading man in four films including Barefoot in the Park, and The Electric Horseman. But in a kiss-and-tell disclosure, she said of Redford, “He did not like to kiss,” referring, presumably, to film roles with her. She added, “I never said anything [to him about it]. And he’s always in a bad mood, and I always thought it was my fault.”

She added, “He’s a very good person. He just has an issue with women.” She did not elaborate and the moderator did not follow up.

More charitably, she said Redford possesses a good sense of humor, if not punctuality. “The last movie I made with him was six years ago [Our Souls at Night]. What was I, about 80 years old or something like that. And I finally knew I had grown up. When he would come on the set three hours late in a bad mood, I knew it wasn’t my fault.” Nonetheless, she said, “We always had a good time.”

Alain Delon, her co-star in the 1964 French film Joy House, on the other hand, she said liked to kiss. She noted how gorgeous he was at that time, but “not so much now. He’s had a rough life. But then he was the most beautiful human being.”

Regarding French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, who directed her in 1972’s Tout Va Bien, she said, “He was a great filmmaker. I take my hat off. A great filmmaker. But as a man? I’m sorry. No, no.”

Fonda had complimentary words for Lee Marvin, her co-star in 1965 Western-comedy Cat Ballou, but referenced what she said was his hard drinking. “I loved making the movie. And Lee Marvin was fabulous,” she recalled. “He was very funny. He was always drunk. We stayed at the same motel, and they had to carry him up the stairs.”

She shared that at one point during filming she got a tooth knocked out, but on the low budget production they just kept going as if nothing had happened.

“We would shoot sometimes 14 hours a day,” she noted. “And Lee Marvin took me aside and he said, ‘Fonda were the stars of this movie. If we allow them to work us so many hours, we’re not the ones that get hurt. It’s the crew. We have to stand up for the workers, for the crew, and we have to refuse to work these long hours. We have to stand up for the crew.’ And that had never occurred to me. That was a huge lesson from Lee Marvin.”

In response to an audience question, Fonda spoke about making On Golden Pond with her father, Henry Fonda, and Katharine Hepburn — who at that point had earned three Academy Awards.

“It was one of the most glorious experiences of my life. It was absolutely wonderful,” Fonda said. “I made the movie for my father. But the person who I learned from on that movie was Katharine.”

The film earned her father an Oscar and another one for Hepburn too – her fourth as Best Actress.

“All three of us were nominated for Oscars, me for supporting, her for Best Actress, my dad for Best Actor. I didn’t win. And they did,” she recalled. “And I called [Hepburn] up to congratulate her and she said, ‘You’ll never catch me!’”

She said she didn’t think Hepburn liked her. She also said she felt Michael Douglas, her co-star in The China Syndrome, “probably doesn’t like me” either, but possesses the diplomatic skill to hide it, a tactful style that she says she lacks.

Fonda described Lily Tomlin as her favorite co-star. They first worked together on 9 to 5, and most recently on 80 for Brady, released earlier this year. She said she doesn’t have any other movie or TV roles lined up and is planning to focus most, if not all, of her attention on the issue of climate change.

“We still have reason to be hopeful if we do everything right. But I’m saying this is serious. We’ve got about seven, eight years to cut ourselves in half of what we use of fossil fuels,” she said. “And unfortunately, the people that have the least responsibility for it are hit the hardest — Global South, people on islands, poor people of color. It is a tragedy that we have to absolutely stop. We have to arrest and jail those men — they’re all men – [responsible for the crisis].”

Responding to an audience question she said, “It’s good for us all to realize, there would be no climate crisis if there was no racism. There would be no climate crisis if there was no patriarchy. A mindset that sees things in a hierarchical way. White men are the things that matter and then everything else [is] at the bottom.”

She added, “So when I say that I’m fighting the climate crisis, I also feel that I’m fighting patriarchy and racism. It’s important because we have to get out of the silos — feminists over here, environmentalists over here. That’s what I learned when I started being an activist around the Vietnam War. The more you go down any issue, whatever it is, you realize that it’s all connected. And if we solve the climate crisis and we haven’t solved those other things, we’re gonna be in trouble.”

Fonte: Deadline

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Disney’s Star+ To Track Confederates Who Left U.S. For Brazil In Period Drama Series ‘Americana’

The plight of ‘Confederados’ who left the U.S. for Brazil after the American Civil War will provide the backdrop to Disney drama series Americana.

We’ve (site learned the streaming series, which is for Disney’s Star+ in Brazil, is shooting in São Paolo with a cast including Den of Thieves and American Violence actor Kaiwi Lyman. São Paolo production house CineFilm is making the show based on scripts from Maurilio Martins and Manuel Moruzzi. Two six-episode seasons have been ordered ahead of a 2024 launch date.

Brazilian actors Andre Ramiro, Bruno Gissoni, Larissa Nunes, Zeze Motta, Thalma de Freitas, David Júnior, Maria Luiza Mendonça, Luciano Quirino, Zahy Tentehar, Lucila Gandolfo, Diego lleske and Ditte Marie le-Fèvreare also part of an ensemble cast.

The series is set in Americana, a municipality in the state of São Paulo, during the late 19th century and follows the Confederates who left the U.S. for Brazil after losing the American Civil War. We hear it follows a police officer and his female slave, who is also a detective, as they uncover the truth behind murders in the town. About 20,000 Confederate subjects — known as Confederados — left America to emigrate to Brazil in the 19th Century.

Lyman is represented by Austin Leshay at Hyperion Talent Agency and Justin Deanda at Activist Artists Management in the U.S. and Achilles Araujo Produções in Brazil.

Brazil is something of a production hotbed right now, with São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other major cities and regions looking to attract overseas investment and scale up local projects. We’ve recently reported on a pair of international productions from Rio’s Diosual Entertainment: Paula Richard’s U.S. co-production Fordlândia — Battle Between Worlds, set to the backdrop of Henry Ford’s failed industrial town in the Amazon Rainforest, and Land of Shadows, a Brazil-Portugal production about gay soldiers in the 17th Century penned by International Emmy winner Pedro Vasconcelos.

Spcine, the São Paulo film commission, has been in Cannes over the past week promoting its multi-million dollar production cash rebate program, which is now targeting international projects. Brazil’s new left-wing government is also planning to invest hundreds of millions into the audiovisual sector to give it a shot in the arm and make it the dominant production spot in Latin America.

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Primary Colors (Mike Nichols, 1998)

"Primary Colors" is about a fictional American politician named Jack Stanton and his attempt to obtain the Democratic Party's nomination for the Presidency. At least, it's ostensibly about a fictional politician. On another level, it is a film a clef about a real American politician named Bill Clinton and his attempt to obtain the Democratic Party's nomination for the Presidency in 1992. The parallels between Clinton and Stanton go much deeper than the deliberate similarity of their surnames. Like Clinton, Stanton is the Governor of a small Southern state. Like Clinton, he has an idealistic streak in his nature and a talent for putting his ideas across in a relaxed  way.

Mike Nichols
Joe Klein, Elaine May
John Travolta, Emma Thompson, Kathy Bates, Larry Hagman, Billy Bob Thornton, Maura Tierney, Diane Ladd, Rob Reiner, Tony Shalloub and James Earl Jones as the CNN voiceover.

Subs: English & Portuguese
YouTube Video Link:

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Ray Stevenson Dies: ‘RRR’, ‘Thor’, Vikings’ & ‘Divergent’ Actor Was 58

Ray Stevenson, a veteran actor whose dozens of film and TV credits include RRR, the Thor and Divergent films, Vikings and Star Wars animated series, died Sunday. He was 58. His reps at Independent Talent confirmed the news but did not provide details.

He most recently has been cast in historical drama 1242: Gateway to the West, taking over the lead role that originally was to be played by Kevin Spacey.

Stevenson played the main antagonist Scott Buxton in SS Rajamouli’s global box office smash RRR and is known for playing Volstagg in Marvel’s Thor franchise and Othere in History’s Vikings. He also has voiced Gar Saxon in the animated Star Wars series The Clone Wars and Rebels and was set to join Rosario Dawson in Disney+’s upcoming The Mandalorian spinoff Ashoka. 

Fonte: Deadline

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A Little Chaos (Alan Rickman, 2014)

It's an interesting and unique story about a woman named Sabine, who has a gift for gardening. Yes, she has a quaint little backyard of flowers and trees, but her real talent is that of a landscape artist. She applies for the opportunity to work in the gardens of Versailles.
After obtaining the position, she is charged by the head architect, Andre (played by Matthias Schoenaerts who was just in Far From the Madding Crowd), to work on a special project that the two eventually design together. The fact that Sabine was a woman of great talent did not mean that her task was an easy one, but it was eventually successful.

Alan Rickman

Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci and Alan Rickman

Subs: English & Portuguese

YouTube Link:

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Nightwatching (Peter Greenaway, 2007)

The year 1642 marks the turning point in the life of the famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt, turning him from a wealthy respected celebrity into a discredited pauper. At the insistence of his pregnant wife Saskia, Rembrandt has reluctantly agreed to paint the Amsterdam Musketeer Militia in a group portrait that will later become to be known as The Nightwatch. He soon discovers that there is a conspiracy afoot with the Amsterdam merchants playing at soldiers maneuvering for financial advantage and personal power in, that time, the richest city in the Western World. Rembrandt stumbles on a foul murder. Confident in the birth of a longed-for son and heir, Rembrandt is determined to expose the conspiring murderers and builds his accusation meticulously in the form of the commissioned painting, uncovering the seamy and hypocritical side to Dutch Society in the Golden Age.

Director & Writer Peter Greenaway

Martin Freeman, Emily Holmes, Eva Birthistle.

Rembrant (Rembrandt van Rijn)'s painting "The Night Watch" was painted in 1642. It is also known as "The Shooting Company of Frans Banning Cocq".
"The Night Watch" painting by Rembrant (Rembrandt van Rijn) is housed and displayed in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in Holland (the Netherlands). It is considered to be the most famous painting of the collection.

Subs: English & Portuguese.

YouTube Link:

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The Future Of Film Dubbing?

AI is in the eye of the storm in LA right now amid the writers’ strike and is also a talking point at the Cannes Film Festival due to the de-aging of Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny.

We can reveal an interesting development in the Cannes market with news that generative AI firm Flawless, co-founded by filmmaker Scott Mann (Fall), is partnering with U.S. seller and distributor XYZ Films (Run Rabbit Run) and UK producer Tea Shop Productions (47 Meters Down) to acquire rights to foreign-language films, converting them to English for distribution in English-speaking territories.

The plan is for Flawless’ TrueSync technology to create lip-synced versions of acquired titles, and XYZ will distribute them. The idea is to offer an alternative to subtitles and out-of-sync dubs. The company will also distribute the original versions alongside.

The TrueSync tech was used in recent breakout hit Fall to paper over more than 30 F bombs that impacted the film’s initial rating. The tech helped propel the $3M-budgeted pic to six times that at the box office. The clip below gives an idea of how the tech can be used to seamlessly dub, too.

The partnership has launched with the acquisition of Victor Danell’s UFO Sweden, the sci-fi adventure film that earned three nominations at Sweden’s 2023 Guldbagge Awards.

The group tells us it plans to acquire a number of “high-potential” titles during the Cannes Film Festival — where Flawless execs will be showcasing the brand’s different technology — and intends to release its initial slate of translated films in Q4, 2023.

James Emanuel Shapiro, EVP of U.S. Distribution for XYZ Films, Ryan Black, Head of Acquisitions for Flawless, and James Harris of Tea Shop will lead acquisitions for the new venture.

Peter Ahlén, Sales Manager at REinvent International Sales which represents UFO Sweden, negotiated the Flawless acquisition.

Flawless was not particularly controversial when it launched in 2018, but it’s hard to ignore that AI is currently something of a dirty word in the film sector due to concerns raised during the WGA strike, especially around ChatGTP-type tech which could be used for scripts. Flawless’ tech, which is designed to streamline production and reduce costs, does potentially raise concerns for those in the dubbing sector and for actors who specialise in dubbing.

But Flawless execs tell us they will be using original voice artists for their “visual translations” and not synthetic AI voice tech.

Flawless says it has “proactively developed relationships with industry unions and guilds, working together to develop tools that empower them while protecting their rights and interests”. Mann is a WGA and DGA member whose movies include Fall, The Tournament, Heist and Final Score.

Indeed, SAG-AFTRA national executive director and chief negotiator Duncan Crabtree-Ireland has recently spoken positively about the company, calling it a “more authentic translation product” than traditional dubbing, and something which can maximize an actor’s availability to take on more work by reducing the need for reshoots.

The need for real actors to voice Flawless tech also comes about thanks to copyright implications. Currently, AI-generated content doesn’t qualify for copyright protection.

The partnership revealed today also comes about at a time when foreign-language content has never been in more demand. All Quiet On The Western Front is the latest non-English language movie to have taken Hollywood by storm.

In a joint statement, Flawless Co-CEOs and Founders Scott Mann and Nick Lynes said today about their new partnership: “There is an abundance of world-class cinema yet to be unlocked, and we are thrilled to be able to leverage our technology, as well as XYZ and Tea Shop’s sterling track records with top-quality films and filmmakers, to help these titles reach the global audiences they deserve. We look forward to demonstrating the immense potential of this model in Cannes, setting the stage for even greater growth.”

XYZ’s Maxime Cottray added: “Having spent over 15 years curating and scouring the globe for unique stories and visionary talent, international films and filmmakers have always been at the core of XYZ’s DNA. By utilizing Flawless’ groundbreaking TrueSync technology, in collaboration with our frequent collaborators at Tea Shop, we’re excited by the opportunity to bring these exciting filmmakers and their films to a wider global audience.”

Flawless, which was named to Times 100 Best Inventions in 2021, also comprises DeepEditor, which enables filmmakers to edit and transfer an actor’s performance from one shot to another, and AI Reshoot, which is designed to minimize reshoots by allowing filmmakers to replace onscreen filmed dialogue with alternate lines.

Source: Deadline

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Knife In The Water (Roman Polanski, 1962)

Well off Andrzej and Krystyna's marriage is at a stage where familiarity breeds contempt, that contempt which is outwardly shown only behind closed doors and only when an incident of some sort sets off one or the other. While driving through the countryside on a Sunday on their way to the lake to embark on an overnight sailing excursion, they almost run over a young male hitchhiker. Despite the antagonism between Andrzej and the hitchhiker, Andrzej offers him a ride as far as the marina. By the time they reach the lake, their antagonism has dissipated enough that Andrzej asks if he would like to join them on their sailing trip. The hitchhiker accepts despite knowing nothing about sailing. As the sailing trip progresses, the antagonism between the two men begins to increase again, fueled on both sides as each strives to be the alpha male.

Roman Polanski

Leon Niemczyk, Jolanta Umecka, Zygmunt Malanowicz

1964 Nominee Oscar - Best Foreign Language Film for Poland

Subs: English & Portuguese.

YouTube link:


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Harrison Ford Receives Honorary Cannes Palme D’Or Ahead Of ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’ Premiere

Harrison Ford returned to the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday, picking up an honorary Palme d’Or before the world-premiere screening of Disney/Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

In similar fashion to the tribute held for Tom Cruise last year, Ford was fêted with a career highlights reel and received a thunderous ovation from the crowd inside the Grand Theatre Lumière.

After an introduction by Cannes head Theirry Fremaux — that included shoutouts to Disney’s Bob Iger, Indy producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall and the cast including Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller Bridge Ford and his wife Calista Flockhart and director James Mangold – the reel, set to one of themes from Star Wars, showed off clips from Ford faves the Frisco Kid, Working Girl, Blade Runner, Raiders of the Lost Ark, American Graffiti, K9: The Widowmaker, Air Force One, Mosquito Coast, The Fugitive and the cantina scene from Star Wars, as well as the entire Indiana Jones series.

Films Ford has appeared in which have played in Cannes include The Conversation (1974), Apocalypse Now (1979) and Witness (1985). He was also here in 2014 for a special event in support of The Expendables 3.

Taking the stage, Ford said, “I am pleased and honored, but I got a movie you gotta see.”

Ford added of the montage: “They say before you die, you see your life flash before your eyes, and I just saw my life flash before my eyes.”

Dial of Destiny, which is showing out of competition here, is one of the splashiest titles to splash down on the Croisette. It sees Ford reprise his role as legendary titular archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones. This fifth installment in the franchise takes place in the years depicted between Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — which likewise world premiered in Cannes back in 2008.

This time around, as Indy is preparing to retire, things change after a surprise visit from his estranged goddaughter Helena Shaw (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), who is seeking a rare artifact that her father entrusted to him years earlier — the infamous Archimedes Dial, a device that purportedly holds the power to locate fissures in time.

An accomplished con-artist, Helena steals the dial and swiftly departs the country to sell it to the highest bidder. Left with no choice but to go after her, Indy dusts off his fedora and leather jacket for one final ride. Meanwhile, his old nemesis, Jürgen Voller (Mads Mikkelsen), a former Nazi now working as a physicist in the U.S. space program, has his own plans for the dial, a horrifying scheme that could change the course of world history.

Boyd Holbrook, Thomas Kretschmann, Toby Jones, Antonio Banderas and John Rhys-Davies also star. Ford has said this will be the “last time” he’ll play the character.

James Mangold directs from a screenplay by Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth and Mangold. Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Simon Emanuel produce, with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas serving as exec producers, and John Williams returning as composer, having scored each Indy adventure since 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Dial of Destiny starts offshore rollout on June 28  (Brasil 29 de junho) and rides into North America on June 30.

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Mostra Banco do Brasil de Filmes de Frank Capra

Frank Capra, (born May 18, 1897, near Palermo, Sicily, Italy—died Sept. 3, 1991, La Quinta, Calif., U.S.), U.S. film director. At age six he immigrated with his family to the U.S. After holding various jobs in the film industry, he emerged as a major director with That Certain Thing (1928) and Platinum Blonde (1931). He won Academy Awards for It Happened One Night (1934) and Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936), stories that portray naive idealists who triumph over more worldly types. He chose the same theme for his next film, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) but departed from his usual style in Lost Horizon (1937) and Meet John Doe (1941). Capra also won a third Academy Award for You Can’t Take It with You (1938). He made the documentary series Why We Fight during World War II and the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life (1946).

🍿 Entre a ficção e documentários de guerra a mostra "Frank Capra" reúne 27 títulos do diretor ítalo-americano e estreia no Cine CCBB no dia 17 de maio, com o clássico do cinema mudo americano "Mocidade Audaciosa", de 1928.

🏆Considerado o mais popular e reverenciado cineasta entre os anos 1930 e 1940, Capra venceu três prêmios Oscar de Melhor Diretor e conquistou ainda outras três estatuetas na categoria melhor filme.

📝 E para conhecer ainda mais de um dos gênios do cinema internacional, serão oferecidas atividades paralelas gratuitas: masterclass e debate sobre a vida e obra de Capra.

🗓️ De 17/mai a 12/jun
⏰ Todos os dias, exceto terças, em diversos horários.
🎟️ Ingressos: R$ 10 (inteira), R$ 5 (meia), no link da bio ou na bilheteria.
👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Classificação indicativa: de acordo com o filme.

👩🏾‍💻 Confira a programação completa em:

Para todos verem: O reels traz cortes de diversos longas-metragens do diretor Frank Capra. Todos em preto e branco.

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In China They Eat Dogs (1999)

This Danish moive is about a very naive young man - a bank clerk - who heroically foils a bank robbery in the bank that he works (using a squash raquet). He is then put on a guilt trip by a woman who claims to be the wife of the bank robber, and who claims that the money was for her in order for her to go to hospital and have an operation.
From there on it just becomes more and more convoluted.

Lasse Spang Olsen

Kim Bodnia, Dejan Cukic, Nikolaj Lie Kaas.

Subs only in English.

Movie link to my YouTube Channel:


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Austria, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Al Pacino, Viggo Mortensen, John Travolta, Shia LaBeouf, Rebecca Pidgeon & Courtney Love Set For David Mamet’s JFK Thriller ‘Assassination’

Oscar winner Al Pacino (The Godfather), Oscar nominee Viggo Mortensen (Green Book), Oscar nominee John Travolta (Pulp Fiction), BAFTA winner Shia LaBeouf (Honey Boy), NBR Award winner Rebecca Pidgeon (Heist) and Golden Globe nominated singer and actress Courtney Love (The People vs. Larry Flynt) are set to star in the thriller Assassination, we can reveal.

The film, which Arclight is launching for the Cannes market, is to be directed by Pulitzer Prize-winner and Oscar nominee David Mamet (Wag the Dog) from a script he co-wrote with Nicholas Celozzi.

Assassination will retell the fateful murder of John F. Kennedy from the mob’s point of view, reimagining his death as a hit ordered by Chicago mob kingpin Sam Giancana as payback for JFK’s attempt to undermine the mob after they helped get him elected (that thread formed a big part of Oliver Stone’s JFK).

Script co-writer Celozzi is Giancana’s grandnephew. Acclaimed DoP Robert Elswitt, who won an Oscar for There Will Be Blood, is aboard as cinematographer.

Pic is being produced by Corey Large (It Follows) and Nicholas Celozzi (The Class). Executive producers are John Burnham, Arclight Films’ Gary Hamilton and Pia Patatian, Jordan Nott, Bernie Gewissler and Amar Balaggan. Finance comes from 308 Enterprises.

Production is scheduled to start in September in Vancouver.

“With the undeniable talent of David Mamet at the helm and our stellar cast led by Viggo Mortensen, Al Pacino, Shia LaBeouf and John Travolta, the stars have truly aligned. Assassination is a riveting and gripping thriller set in a pivotal period in American history, brilliantly crafted by Mamet – it’s an absolutely fantastic project.” said Arclight Films Chairman Gary Hamilton.

American playwright Mamet won a Pulitzer Prize and received Tony nominations for his plays Glengarry Glen Ross and Speed-the-Plow. He received Oscar nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay for Wag the Dog and The Verdict. His screenwriting credits also include The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Untouchables, Hoffa and Hannibal. He wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation of Glengarry Glen Ross, which starred Pacino.

Arclight Films’ current slate of films also includes the comedy Arthur’s Whisky starring Oscar winner Diane Keaton, and Sundance title Fairyland starring Scoot McNairy and Emilia Jones and produced by Sofia Coppola.

Source: Deadline


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Meet John Doe (Frank Capra, 1941)

A penniless drifter (Gary Cooper) is recruited by an ambitious columnist (Barbara Stanwyck) to impersonate a non-existent person who said he'd be committing suicide as a protest, and a social movement begins.


Frank Capra


Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Edward Arnold, Walter Brennan.

Four different endings were filmed, but all were ultimately deemed unsatisfactory during previews. A letter from an audience member suggested a fifth ending, which Frank Capra liked and used in the finished film.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no "longer" version of this film; it has always run 123 minutes. However, original publicity erroneously stated it was 132 minutes because the printer accidentally transposed the last two numbers. For years film historians assumed that all reissue prints had been cut by nine minutes until an original fine-grain master was uncovered which also turned out to run 123 minutes. This is the correct running time for the film.

About 200 plumbers were hired to keep the rain falling for eight nights at the Gilmore Field baseball park, Los Angeles, during the filming of John's speech. William Erbes supervised the rain effects, which cost an estimated USD 300,000 to produce.



Subtitles: English, Portuguese.

YouTube Video Link:

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4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days (4 luni, 3 saptamâni si 2 zile) - 2007

Romania, 1987, the brutal Ceausescu communist regime is in place; birth control is illegal and abortion is a crime punishable by death. Gabita (Laura Vasliu) is almost five months into an unwanted pregnancy and in meek desperation turns to her friend and roommate, Otilia (Anamaria Marinca) for help in organizing an illegal termination. Unfortunate circumstances force the two women to use an unwanted male abortionist, Bebe (Vlad Ivanov). The bleakness of the storyline expresses a dark socio-political critique in the twilight years of a repressive dictatorship.

Director & Writer

Cristian Mungiu


Anamaria Marinca, Laura Vasiliu, Vlad Ivanov.

Foreign viewers not familiar with the situation in Romania in the late 1980s may be unaware that not only abortion was illegal there, but contraception as well. In an effort to increase the dwindling population, the dictatorial Communist regime had issued Decree 770 in 1967 which put a ban on not only abortion but also contraceptive medicine. The women in the beginning of the film are obtaining their contraceptive pills illegally through the black market, as well as luxury products like soap and cigarettes.

The 2008 Oscar winner in the 'Best Foreign Language Film' category at the 80th Academy Awards was an Austria's movie, an entry much criticized as conventional and artistically inferior to Cristian Mungiu's Palme d'Or winner.

Subs: English & Portuguese.

The audio is in Romanian, which is much closer to Portuguese and Spanish.

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Movie copyright blocked only in Spain.

Disney+ And Hulu Programming To Be Combined Into One App By Year’s End, Bob Iger Says

Disney will roll out a single streaming app with programming from Hulu and Disney+ by the end of this year.

CEO Bob Iger announced the move during the company’s fiscal second quarter earnings call, describing it as a “logical progression of our DTC offerings.” Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ will continue to be available as stand-alone services, he noted. The three have been offered as a discount-priced bundle since 2020, with the combo helping to drive subscriber acquisition across all of the services.

Iger also said the company would be “rationalizing” the volume and investment in streaming content, though he didn’t offer specific details. Pricing, he said, would also be increasing along with the new consolidation plan. CFO Christine McCarthy said the company would take a $1.5 billion to $1.8 billion impairment charge related to content cuts and other streamlining in the company’s streaming operation.

The advertising opportunity of the single app is “exciting,” Iger said, as 40% of the company’s domestic ad units are addressable. That means they can target individual viewers via a range of traits as opposed to traditional “spray-and-pray” TV advertising. Disney has attracted 5,000 total advertisers, helped by the new horizons of streaming, Iger said. The single app, he said, will bring “greater opportunities for advertisers, while giving bundle subscribers access to more robust and streamlined content, resulting in greater audience engagement and ultimately leading to a more unified streaming experience.”

Since Disney took operational control of Hulu in 2019, speculation has been growing about a newly consolidated structure for streaming.

Hulu is approaching a crossroads in early 2024. That’s when a put/call option kicks in for Disney and Comcast, which still owns one-third of Hulu. Disney would need to pay Comcast at least $9 billion to buy out that one-third stake, with the exact valuation to be determined by an arbitrator. The floor amount of $27 billion for all of Hulu was stipulated in the original agreement in 2019, which followed the close of Disney’s $71.3 billion acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox, an original stakeholder in Hulu.

The “one app” news came after the company reported solid results for its fiscal second quarter, which ended April 1. Streaming losses moderated in the quarter, but a strong showing by theme parks relative to the Covid-hobbled 2022 quarter powered the overall numbers, which met or slightly exceeded Wall Street expectations.

“We are confident we are on the right path toward streaming profitability,” Iger said.

Source: Deadline

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The Pentagon Wars (Richard Benjamin, 1998)

Air Force Lt. Col. John Burton was assigned to evaluate the usefulness of the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, an Army troop carrier/scout vehicle that, in its final redesign, was effectively a deathtrap for its occupants. Burton keeps trying to execute a proper live-fire armor test on it but is constantly subverted by his temporary commanding officer, Army Maj. Gen. Partridge, in order to get it under construction and in the field.

Although the film makes it seem as if Colonel James Burton was this naive officer ordered to rubber stamp the Bradley, only to discover problems, the picture was far more complex. Burton's own book - that was made into this film - shows this in the title: "The Pentagon Wars: Reformers Challenge the Old Guard". "The Reformers" are a lobby group within the US military, that argue against the use of high-tech military systems and push for simpler, more basic systems. Burton was part of this group, and had already been involved in the procurement process on other projects, even going as far as to suggest his own Reformist designs.

Burton was also not the one to raise the red flag on the survivability of the Bradley; he was called in after the US Congress got worried about that particular issue. And the Bradley's E1 program - that eventually became the better protected A1 variant of the Bradley - was already underway when Burton got involved.


Richard Benjamin


Kelsey Grammer, Cary Elwes, Viola Davis, Olympia Dukakis.

Subs: English & Portuguese.

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Ninety Degrees In The Shade (1965)

A genuine oddity. This Raymond Stross produced/Jiri Weiss directed British/Czech co-production disappeared almost before it was released despite being nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of Best Foreign Film in the English Language. It was written by David Mercer, set and filmed in Prague with a British and Czech cast, all of whom were dubbed.

Anne Heywood is the assistant manager of a shop who is having an affair with her married boss, (a miscast James Booth), while helping him steal from their employers. Things come to a head when an auditor, who fancies Heywood, starts snooping around. He is played by Rudolf Hrusinsky, one of the Czech actors in a cast that also includes Ann Todd and Donald Wolfit.

It's superbly shot in black and white by Bedrich Batka with a terrific jazz score by Ludek Hulan. Though fundamentally 'British' it looks and feels like something from the Czech New Wave and had it been made entirely in Czech, rather than very stilted English, its critical reputation might have been much higher. 


Jirí Weiss


Anne Heywood, James Boot, hRudolf Hrusínský, Ann Todd.

English subs only.

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The Ear (Karel Kachyna, 1990)

This Czech classic (banned when Dubcek's regime was toppled in '69) concerns Ludvik, a top bureaucrat, and his wife, Anna, coming home one night from a reception to find their home has been bugged (during a period of political purging). The paranoia and sleepless night sets Lunvik and Aanna against each other, and the film finally shows what it took to 'get head' in a Stalinist regime.

"The Ear" is a late production of the Czech new wave movement. It is politically more explicit that earlier films of this movement such as "Closely watched trains" (1966, Jiri Menzel) or "The Firemen's ball" (1967, Milos Forman).

It was made in 1970, that is after the invasion of the Warsaw pact in 1968. The film was prohibited by the communist censorship and only released in 1990.


Karel Kachyna


Jirina Bohdalová , Radoslav Brzobohatý, Gustav Opocenský

Subs: English & Portuguese.

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Andrew Garfield To Play Carl Sagan In Sebastian Lelio’s ‘Voyagers’ As FilmNation Brings Package To Cannes Market, Daisy Edgar-Jones Set To Play Ann Druyan

Here is another hot package set to hit the Cannes Market this month: Sebastian Lelio has set Voyagers as his next film at FilmNation Entertainment, with Andrew Garfield attached to play astronomer Carl Sagan and Daisy Edgar-Jones attached to play Cosmos filmmaker Ann Druyan.

The feature is produced by Ben Browning for FilmNation Entertainment, Lynda Obst, and Druyan. FilmNation Entertainment is set to launch global sales at the Cannes Market.

The film is set in 1977 as NASA prepared to launch humanity’s first interstellar probes and a team led by Sagan set out to create a message to accompany them — The Golden Record. But what starts out as a race-against-the-clock mission becomes an epic, unexpected love story between Sagan and his collaborator Druyan. FilmNation Entertianment paired Druyan with screenwriters Lelio and Jessica Goldberg, who wrote the original screenplay based on interviews with Druyan and many others who worked on the Golden Record project.

Lelio most recently co-wrote and directed The Wonder, starring Florence Pugh with House Productions and Element Pictures producing for Netflix. It was nominated for Outstanding British Film of the Year at last year’s BAFTA. Garfield is in production in the UK on John Crowley’s We Live In Time, in which he stars alongside Florence Pugh. He most recently starred opposite Edgar-Jones in FX’s Under the Banner of Heaven, which earned Garfield his first Emmy nomination and Edgar-Jones her second Golden Globe nom. She received rave reviews for her breakout performance in the Emmy-nominated series Normal People based on Sally Rooney’s best-selling novel.

Lelio is represented by Lark, Entertainment 360 and Granderson Des Rochers. Garfield is represented by CAA, Gordon & French, ID and Sloane Offer Weber & Dern; Edgar-Jones is repped by UTA, Hamilton Hodell, Relevant, Public Eye Communications and Sloane Offer; Goldberg is represented by United Talent Agency and attorney Jeff Franke; Obst is represented by Eric Suddleson at Felker Toczek Suddleson Abramson McGinnis Ryan LLP.

By Deadline

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Kelsey Grammer is coming back with a new FRASIER TV Series with Paramount+/ CBS Studios.

With the Frasier sequel series for Paramount+ wrapping production, star and executive producer Kelsey Grammer and his Grammnet NH Productions has closed a first-look television deal with CBS Studios, the studio behind the Cheers/Frasier franchise.

The pact marks a homecoming for Grammer at CBS Studios. The actor-producer’s previous Grammnet banner had a series of overall deals at the studio and its predecessor Paramount Network TV, which yielded such hit series as Medium for NBC/CBS, Girlfriends for UPN/The CW, its spinoff The Game, which aired for nine seasons on UPN/The CW/BET. In addition to the Frasier sequel, Grammnet NH Productions is collaborating with CBS Studios on The Game dramedy revival for Paramount+.

The new incarnation of Frasier, which brings the famous psychiatrist (Grammer) back to Boston, comes from writers Chris Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Joe Cristalli (Life In Pieces), who executive produce with the Grammnet NH team of Grammer; Tom Russo, Head of Film and Television; and Jordan McMahon, VP of Film and Television. The series, which finished production this week, is produced by CBS Studios in association with Grammnet NH.

In addition to Frasier and the second season of The Game, within the past year, Grammnet NH produced the docuseries Phat Tuesdays: The Era of Hip-Hop Comedy for Amazon, Kelsey Grammer’s Historic Battles for America for Fox Nation and the telefilm The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve for Lifetime in which Grammer starred opposite his daughter Spencer Grammer.

Grammnet also previously produced three seasons of the supernatural horror series Light as a Feather for Hulu, the animated series You’re Not a Monster and Starz series Boss, headlined by Grammer.


Stickmen (2001)

Jack, Thomas and Wayne are the Stickmen. They like nothing more than to have a beer in one hand, a pool cue in the other, a coin on the table and their mates around them. They play pub pool for fun and money at Dave's bar. Desperate to get out of debt, Dave gets the Stickmen entered into a high stakes pool tournament run by vicious crime boss "Daddy". He also gets them into a whole rack of trouble. Can the Stickmen beat the odds, pocket the money, win the girls and save Dave? You rack 'em, they crack 'em. And never take your eye off the ball.


Hamish Rothwell


Nick Ward


Robbie Magasiva, Paolo Rotondo, Scott Wills

Simone Kessell and Anne Nordhaus spent ten hours a day over a six month period learning pool for only two minutes of screen time.

The movie was shot on location in Wellington, New Zealand.

Tristan Whalley, Managing Director of Portman Films, said around the time of completion and first release: "The script for 'Stickmen' is extremely funny, sexy and exciting - it's had wonderful feedback from everyone who has read it. We're confident that the film will appeal to a wide international audience."

Taking into account both New Zealand box office and overseas sales, the movie at the time of first release made the country's top six most profitable films of the last two decades.

Producer Michelle Turner said of the film's initial success in New Zealand: "We are absolutely thrilled with the success of 'Stickmen', particularly as a debut feature for Hamish, Nick and myself. It's one thing to do well at the New Zealand box office, but few films achieve that and sell well internationally too. All the buyers have been extremely impressed with the film and the marketing campaign (trailers, posters and so on) and we are in the process of coordinating a UK and Australian cinema release.''

Subtitles in English and Portuguese

YouTube Link:

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Michael Douglas To Receive Honorary Palme D’Or In Cannes

Michael Douglas is to receive the Honorary Palme d’or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

The festival will pay tribute to the actor and hand him the award during the Opening Ceremony on May 16.

“It is always a breath of fresh air to be at Cannes, which has long provided a wonderful platform for bold creators, artistic audacities, and excellence in storytelling,” Douglas said.

As part of the tribute, the festival will screen a previously unreleased documentary by Amine Mesta on Douglas titled Michael Douglas, The Prodigal Son on the festival site for two days, from May 14 at 6 pm to May 16 at 6 pm. The doc was produced by Folamour and will be broadcast on Arte.

The doc’s synopsis reads: “This special documentary shows us how Michael, an actor, and producer like his father Kirk, had to embrace their resemblance throughout his remarkable career in order to assert his difference. The time to learn how to become Michael when your name is Douglas.”

Douglas has a long history with the festival, first hitting the Croisette for the festival’s 32nd edition for the premiere of The China Syndrome alongside director James Bridges and co-stars Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon. In 1992, thirteen years later, Douglas joined Sharon Stone and Dutch filmmaker on the Croisette to debut Basic Instinct, which screened in Competition. Douglas had a third go in Competition in 1993 with Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down.

The Fatal Attraction actor’s last appearance in Cannes was in 2013 for the debut of Steven Soderbergh’s star-studded ensemble drama Behind the Candelabra. The film, which also starred Matt Damon, played in Competition, winning the off-shoot Palm Dog prize.

Previous recipients of the honorary award include Forest Whitaker, Jodie Foster, and Bernardo Bertolucci. The gong was first awarded to Ingmar Bergman in 1997.

Douglas added: “From my first time here in 1979 for The China Syndrome to my most recent premiere for Behind the Candelabra in 2013, the Festival has always reminded me that the magic of cinema is not just in what we see onscreen but in its ability to impact people all around the world. After more than 50 years in the business, it’s an honor to return to the Croisette to open the Festival and embrace our shared global language of film.”

Source: Deadline

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Married Life (2007)

The late 1940s. Richard Langley, a bachelor playboy, narrates a story that starts when his best friend, Harry Allen, invites him to lunch to tell Richard he's in love. Trouble is, Harry's already married to Pat; he worries Pat would be hurt too deeply by a divorce. Then, Harry's new love, Kay, joins them. Richard is smitten, so when he finds out that Pat may be in love with someone else but won't tell Harry because she fears he would be too hurt, Richard can't decide if he should let all the cats out of the bag. He'd unite pairs of lovers, but he'd lose Kay. Meanwhile, Harry decides that a swift end to Pat's life would be more kind than divorcing her. He buys poison. 


Ira Sachs


Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan.

The movie that Pierce Brosnan is watching in the movie theater is actually 1951's "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" starring Ava Gardner and James Mason. There is a visible "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" movie poster behind Pierce Brosnan as he makes a telephone call in the lobby of the theater. "Pandora and the Flying Dutchman" is in color whereas "East Side, West Side" was in black and white. "Pandora" was made two years after the setting of "Married Life" which starts in 1949.

Subs: English & Portuguese

YouTube video link:

Copyright owner is blocking in Brazil only, which seems bizarre!

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Pedro Pascal Joins Ridley Scott’s ‘Gladiator’ Sequel At Paramount

While the second season of HBO’s hit series The Last Of Us is in the works, its star Pedro Pascal looks to have found the project he’ll shoot during its hiatus and boy is it a big one. Sources tell Deadline, Pascal is in final negotiations to join the untitled Gladiator sequel for Paramount. He joins Paul Mescal, who will star as Lucius, Barry Keoghan, Joseph Quinn, Connie Nielsen and Denzel Washington. Ridley Scott is returning to direct.

The new film follows the 2000 blockbuster Gladiator, which earned more than $460 million in worldwide box office and was nominated for 12 Academy Awards, winning five including Best Picture. 

The role of Maximus, the Roman general-turned-gladiator, was a career-changer for Russell Crowe, not only delivering him the Best Actor Oscar but also launching him to the top of every leading-man list. Once it was made clear last year that the sequel would be Scott’s next movie, every male actor in town that fit the profile began chasing the part.

Scott also will produce, along with Scott Free President Michael Pruss as well as Doug Wick & Lucy Fisher via Red Wagon Entertainment. David Scarpa penned the script. Also returning from the original film are John Mathieson (Director of Photography), Arthur Max (Production Designer), and Janty Yates (Costume Designer). Paramount Pictures has dated the film for Nov. 22, 2024.

The first film was co-production between Universal and DreamWorks, and while DreamWorks will not be involved in the sequel, Universal has the right to partner again when the project is packaged.

While Pascal has been a major player following his scene-stealing role in his one season on Game of Thrones, his star has blasted off following his critically-acclaimed in The Last of Us, which has become one of the most popular shows in HBO’s history. While HBO is looking to get the show up and going next year, Pascal had been weighing a number of options to shoot before jumping back in to that and the opportunity on this film was too hard to pass up.

Besides The Last of Us, which will certainly have him in award season chatter this Emmy season, he also reprised his role on the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which just had its season finale last week.

Source: Deadline

His Most Serene Highness - Su alteza serenísima - (2001)

From legendary director Felipe Cazals, a historical drama of the last days of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Despite defeating the Tex...