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Husbands (John Cassavetes, 1970)

After the death of their friend, three middle-aged men - Harry (Ben Gazzara), Gus (Cassavetes) and Archie (Peter Falk) - find it difficult to cope. We follow them over the course of two days, where they drink heavily, play basketball together, and have a boisterous singing contest with friends and family. After returning home from his binge, Harry is thrown out by his wife, and shortly after announces he is flying to London. Seemingly with nothing better to do, Gus and Archie decide to join him, where they indulge is more drinking, gambling, and womanising. Gus finds himself with a much younger woman named Mary (Jenny Runacre), who is wild and unpredictable.

Director & Writer John Cassavetes

Stars: Ben Gazzara, Peter Falk, John Cassavetes

Screenwriter John Cassavetes wrote the film's dialogue after doing improvisations with actors Ben Gazzara and Peter Falk. Reportedly, Cassavetes built the film's three main central characterizations around the real-life personalities of the film's three main actors one of whom included himself.
The scene at the bar where Leola Harlow tries to sing "It Was Just a Little Love Affair" and is repeatedly interrupted and harshly criticized by the drunken three main characters, was completely improvised. Harlow reportedly had no idea that they were filming and thought the lead actors were actually criticizing her performance in the scene, causing the very real hurt apparent in her performance.
Nick Cassavetes played uncredited a character, Nick, who had the same first name as his own. This was the first ever film that future actor-writer-director Nick Cassavetes and son of the film's writer-director and co-lead actor John Cassavetes, ever worked on. Like father like son, both in their careers are actor-writer-directors. John´s daughter, Xan,  also works in the film as Xan.

Source: IMDb.

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