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The Fifth Seal (Az ötödik pecsét), 1976

This is a Hungarian movie, which received awards in Berlin International Film Festival (1977) and  Moscow International Film Festival (1977).
This film takes place in Budapest during the German occupation of Hungary toward the end of World War 2. As it so happens, four men are sitting at a table in a bar when a stranger hobbles in and asks to join them. After learning that the man was a soldier who was wounded during his service the talk subsequently takes a philosophical turn when a watchmaker named "Miklós Auricular" (Lajos Öze) tells a story and then asks a philosophical question which haunts each of these men the rest of the night. The question, essentially, is whether it would be better to live as a slave and endure severe abuse but have a clear conscience or to live as an abusive slave owner and have no conscience at all. Although they each reach various conclusions their beliefs and values are soon put to the test with surprising results.
        Zoltán Fábri

Based on a book by writer Santa Ferenc

        Lajos Öze, László Márkus, Ferenc Bencze

Subtitles: English and Portuguese

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/8I0jnmJHegE

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