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The South (Sur), by Fernando E. Solanas (1988)

The movie starts while Floreal, the main protagonist, was being released from the prison when the military coup ended in 1983. He is estranged to his former life because of his last few years in prison and especially discovering his wife has cheated on him soured their relation. He is not sure if he wants to go back to his old life and family. Wandering through the night his old friend "El-Negro" appears in the dark. He announces that he was assassinated during the military coup and he is a dead man now. But he has a special mission this night and he is back for this special occasion: To help Floreal catch up fast and face with his life and his time in prison. 

Director & Writer Fernando E. Solanas

Stars: Susú Pecoraro, Miguel Ángel Solá, Philippe Léotard.

Music by Astor Piazzola and Fernando Solanas.

Subtitles: English

This film's dedicated to great Kurdish filmmaker Yilmaz Güney. Besides Güney means "south" in Turkish.

LINK: https://youtu.be/sTirQz_isaw

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