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Henry VIII - a TV mini-series - PART 1 & 2 (2003)

Two part mini-series documenting the stormy thirty-eight-year reign of King Henry VIII. 

Made for TV.


Pete Travis


Peter Morgan (The Crown)


Ray Winstone, Joss Ackland, Sid Mitchell, Charles Dance, Mark Strong, David Suchet, Helena Bonham Carter, Sean Bean, Emily Blunt.

Derek Jacobi is the narrator.

Marsha Fitzalan (Duchess of Norfolk) is, in real-life, the daughter of the 17th Duke and Duchess of Norfolk.

Helena Bonham Carter was pregnant with her first child at the time of filming.

This is the second time that Helena Bonham Carter has played a Queen of England. The first time was as Lady Jane Grey in Lady Jane (1986). Lady Jane was the Queen after Henry VIII's son Edward VI by his third wife Jane Seymour, and before Henry VIII's daughter Mary I by his first wife Catherine of Aragon. She has also played Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in The King's Speech (2010). Elizabeth was Queen Consort to King George VI and mother to Queen Elizabeth II.

Andrew Garfield played the role of a servant in the court. He had one line and is uncredited.

Subs: English & Portuguese

YouTube link:  - PART 1

YouTube link: - PART 2

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