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Laurel & Hardy - Their Lives And Magic - Documentary - 2011

The international documentary is presenting - besides a lot of funny clips from the best Laurel and Hardy movies

Director & Writer Andreas Baum


Stan Laurel(archive footage) Oliver Hardy(archive footage), Chuck McCann.

After leaving Hal Roach in 1940 Stan and Ollie performed in a special benefit for the Red Cross in a sketch written by Stan. They then did a 4 month tour covering 12 cities starting on the 27th September in Omaha and ending in Buffalo in mid December. The show called The Laurel and Hardy Revue with The Driving Licence Sketch as the finale. In Buffalo they were given the key to the city. In 1941 they did a show at Camp Roberts, California, appearing with Red Skelton, Jane Withers, Joan Leslie, Chico Marx and Larry Adler. The show was a great success for the Boys showing that they were still a great comedy team. Following the success for the Boys showing that they were still a great comedy team. Following the film Great Guns they joined the Flying Show Boat - a revue that toured US military bases in the Carribean for 2 weeks with John Garfield, Ray Bolger and Chico Marx with L&H doing the Driving Licence Sketch again ,In 42 after filming A Haunting We Will Go they joined The Hollywood Victory Caravan on a cross country fund raising tour with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, James Cagney, Groucho Marx, Cary Grant and many others. The tour called Hell a Balloo began in Washington DC at the end of March 1947

No subtitles. Just a mention of the names of speakers.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/n2OACdjQgQQ

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