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Stone Years (Petrina hronia), by Pantelis Voulgaris, 1985

Be prepared. It is a dark Greek movie, at least cinematography speaking, but it is well rated on IMDb and got several awards.

It is 1954, Thessaly, Greece. In the wake of the destructive Greek Civil War, 18-year-old Eleni and 22-year-old Babis face trying times. Against the backdrop of illicit political activity, persecution, arrests, and incarceration, the star-crossed lovers are always short of time, struggling to make the most of their brief clandestine meetings. After a long decade, the estranged couple reunites during the Greek junta, only to discover that fate has other plans in store for them. 

Director & Writer

Pantelis Voulgaris


Themis Bazaka, Dimitris Katalifos, Maria Martika, Eirini Inglesi.

Subs: English & Portuguese.

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