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Stickmen (2001)

Jack, Thomas and Wayne are the Stickmen. They like nothing more than to have a beer in one hand, a pool cue in the other, a coin on the table and their mates around them. They play pub pool for fun and money at Dave's bar. Desperate to get out of debt, Dave gets the Stickmen entered into a high stakes pool tournament run by vicious crime boss "Daddy". He also gets them into a whole rack of trouble. Can the Stickmen beat the odds, pocket the money, win the girls and save Dave? You rack 'em, they crack 'em. And never take your eye off the ball.


Hamish Rothwell


Nick Ward


Robbie Magasiva, Paolo Rotondo, Scott Wills

Simone Kessell and Anne Nordhaus spent ten hours a day over a six month period learning pool for only two minutes of screen time.

The movie was shot on location in Wellington, New Zealand.

Tristan Whalley, Managing Director of Portman Films, said around the time of completion and first release: "The script for 'Stickmen' is extremely funny, sexy and exciting - it's had wonderful feedback from everyone who has read it. We're confident that the film will appeal to a wide international audience."

Taking into account both New Zealand box office and overseas sales, the movie at the time of first release made the country's top six most profitable films of the last two decades.

Producer Michelle Turner said of the film's initial success in New Zealand: "We are absolutely thrilled with the success of 'Stickmen', particularly as a debut feature for Hamish, Nick and myself. It's one thing to do well at the New Zealand box office, but few films achieve that and sell well internationally too. All the buyers have been extremely impressed with the film and the marketing campaign (trailers, posters and so on) and we are in the process of coordinating a UK and Australian cinema release.''

Subtitles in English and Portuguese

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/8gqcDwVFA9s

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