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Primary Colors (Mike Nichols, 1998)

"Primary Colors" is about a fictional American politician named Jack Stanton and his attempt to obtain the Democratic Party's nomination for the Presidency. At least, it's ostensibly about a fictional politician. On another level, it is a film a clef about a real American politician named Bill Clinton and his attempt to obtain the Democratic Party's nomination for the Presidency in 1992. The parallels between Clinton and Stanton go much deeper than the deliberate similarity of their surnames. Like Clinton, Stanton is the Governor of a small Southern state. Like Clinton, he has an idealistic streak in his nature and a talent for putting his ideas across in a relaxed  way.

Mike Nichols
Joe Klein, Elaine May
John Travolta, Emma Thompson, Kathy Bates, Larry Hagman, Billy Bob Thornton, Maura Tierney, Diane Ladd, Rob Reiner, Tony Shalloub and James Earl Jones as the CNN voiceover.

Subs: English & Portuguese
YouTube Video Link:

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