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The Box (2007)

A thriller from Thailand.

Jane, after giving away a wooden box that was left to her by her mother, has recurring nightmares of her long lost mother coming to her asking for the box. Jane tracks it down to a big house located in the suburbs. There she meets an old man who at first seems to be nice, but turns out to be a psychotic murderer, who killed his wife and hid her corpse in the box. In a bizarre twist, the victim turns out to be Jane's estranged mother. Jane ends up being the old man's prisoner, he treats her like a living doll and plans to make her his new bride.

   Directed by  Chalart Sriwanna
   Stars:Chadaporn Rattanakorn, Nirut Sirichanya

Subtitles in English.

Link: https://youtu.be/sP3qfb-SCx0

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