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Monsieur Beaucaire, with Bob Hope (1945)

This film was done when Hope was at or near the peak of both his film popularity and his comic abilities. Based on a Booth Tarkington novella, which had served Rudolph Valentino with mixed results in 1924 (he acted well, but the part labeled him as gay with certain male critics), the story is how Hope is the barber at Versailles to King Louis XV (Reginald Owen), gets into serious hot water with the King and Queen (Constance Collier) and is forced to flee the palace disguised as the Duc de Chandre (Patrick Knowles). Owen has sent Knowles to Spain to get rid of him (he's a rival for Madame de Pompadour - Hillary Brooke), and to have him marry the daughter of the King of Spain (Marjorie Reynolds, who is daughter to Howard Freeman).

Directed by George Marshall

Screenplay:   Melvin Frank (screenplay) Norman Panama(screenplay) Booth Tarkington (based on the novel by)

Stars:Bob Hope, Joan Caulfield, Patric Knowles. Cecil Kellaway.

Subs: English & Spanish.

Link: https://youtu.be/GJtTSA3Dhj4

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  1. Oi tudo bem?
    Tem como postar o filme britânico "No Love For Johnnie" ou "O Suplício de Tua Ausência" (1961) do Ralph Thomas com Peter Finch.



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