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The Betsy, with Laurence Olivier & Robert Duvall (1978)

The patriarch of a family-owned corporation hires a young race car driver to help him design a fuel efficient car in secrecy. They face resistance from the president of the company (the patriarch's grandson), who wishes to eliminate the motor car division because of bad blood between himself and his grandfather. During flashbacks, a parallel set of problems is revealed in the family's past, problems that persist into the present, and the race car driver gets deeper into the web of deception and corporate intrigue.


Daniel Petrie

Based on novel by Harold Robbins


Laurence Olivier, Robert Duvall, Katharine Ross, Tommy Lee Jones, Jane Alexander, Paul Rudd, Lesley Ann-Down.

Music by John Barry

Harold Robbins considered this movie to be the "best movie adaptation of any of his works.

This movie is listed among The 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made in Golden Raspberry Award founder John Wilson's book THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE® MOVIE GUIDE. Interestingly, even though it was a critical bomb, it met the approval of Harold Robbins, and although it was not a blockbuster, it was a moderate financial success. The film is currently rated a 5.4 for IMDb.

Subs in English & Portuguese

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/Ld-cBKJoC7E

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