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The Wedding Party, by Brian De Palma (1969)

Charlie (Charles Pfluger) and Josephine (Jill Clayburg) are to be married in a church on the island off the East Coast where her family, the Fishes, live; the other wedding events will take place in and around the well-off Fishes' extremely large house. Alistair and Cecil are Charlie's groomsmen; despite neither really believing in marriage, they believe in love and friendship and will do everything they can to make Charlie's married life tolerable (they think it will be miserable). 

Spoiler of the plot:

Charlie, Alistair, and Cecil arrive on the island the morning of the day before the ceremony, the first time they will actually be meeting for the first time most of Josephine's very large network of family, extended family, friends, and acquaintances, many of whom border on the eccentric. As Charlie goes through the process of the pre-wedding events, including the stag party, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and the minister's counseling services, some problems arrive, like the Fishes' trusty servant Baker expressing frustration about his job, Charlie starts to have doubts about marrying Josephine and tries to work his way out of the wedding. If that doesn't work, his Plan B is to sabotage the wedding. This film is less a "will he or won't he make it to the church on time?"; rather, it's a satire on the rituals associated with weddings; excerpts from the fictional etiquette book "The Compleat Bridegroom" are presented as title cards to these events, followed by the mess of the actual event.

Stars: Charles Pfluger, Jill Clayburgh, Robert De Niro, William Finley.

Subtitles in English only.

Jill Clayburgh's first movie.

The film was shot in 1963, and the on-screen copyright year is 1966. The production company went broke, and the film was finally released in 1969.

Robert De Niro was only paid $50 for his work in the film.

Copyright owner is blocking in these territories



Charlie (Charles Pfluger) e Josephine (Jill Clayburg) vão se casar em uma igreja em uma ilha na costa leste dos EUA, onde a família tem uma grande casa. Alistair (William Finley)  e Cecil (Robert De Niro) são os padrinhos do noivo. Apesar que eles não acreditem em casamento, eles acreditam na amizade e no amor e vão fazer de tudo para fazer a vida de casado de Charlie uma vida tolerável, para não dizer chata.

Com: Charles Pfluger, Jill Clayburgh, Robert De Niro, William Finley.

Legendas apenas em Inglês.

Filme bloqueado por copyright apenas na Espanha.


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