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Medicine For Melancholy (Barry Jenkins, 2008)

Approximately twenty-four hours in Jo' and Micah's lives are presented. This phase of their story starts the morning after in the San Francisco loft apartment where they met at a party, they having embarked in what, if they both thought about it, was meant to be a one night stand, the non-thought as they were both drunk not even knowing each other's name at the time. Micah's obvious want to continue some sort of interaction with Jo' is met with a non-stated rebuff by Jo' in return in she finally admitting the sex a mistake on her part in she already being in a live-in relationship, her boyfriend currently out of town. Micah's continual pursuit of her eventually breaks down her defenses as they end up spending the day together getting to know each other. If there is a continuation of their story after this time may not only depend on her current relationship status, but their differing views of what it means, if anything at all, to be black living in San Francisco.

Director & Writer
Barry Jenkins

Wyatt Cenac, Tracey Heggins, John Thurgood

Subs: English.
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/D2F6PrwU2F0

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