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A Bullet For The General (Damiano Damiani, 1967)

In the rough years of the revolution in Mexico, the hardened bandit chief, El Chucho, is in need of arms, ammunition, and a much-sought-after machine gun to support the leader of the revolution, the rebel General, Elías. With this in mind, Chucho attacks a government supply train and gets an unforeseen assistance from Bill Tate--the American gringo in the impeccable suit--with whom will soon become friends. Now, Bill is truly indispensable to the gang, however, could he be hiding his true objective behind a boyish and calm face?

Damiano Damiani

Gian Maria Volontè, Klaus Kinski, Martine Beswick and director Damiano Damiani doing a cameo as a journalist.

Beautiful soundtrack by Luis Bacalov.

YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/k2ic_L7CBCQ

Subtitles:  English, Portuguese, Spanish.

Partially blocked for viewers living in Brazil and United States.

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