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Ride Like A Girl (Rachel Griffiths, 2019)

Michelle Payne´s true story of winning the Melbourne Cup is inspiring one of ten children, losing her mother to a car crash at an early age, she also endured losing her sister to a nasty horse fall,!! She still did not let it put her off becoming a female jockey the eighth jockey in the Payne family and she even had to overcome a fall herself putting herself in an induced coma, fighting back against a male dominated sport and regaining fitness to qualify for the 2015 Melbourne Cup and not only compete in a race that stops a nation, a remarkable fete in itself but also go on to win it on a rank outsider called Prince of Penzance at odds of 100/1 and to become the first female jockey in its 155 year history.

Rachel Griffiths

Teresa Palmer, Sam Neill, Brooke Satchwell

Subs: English & Portuguese (Portugal)

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