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Let Him Have It (Peter Medak, 1991)

A shocking portrayal of the use of the Death Penalty in the United Kingdom during the 1950's. A mentally unstable young man with epilepsy called Derek Bentley faces the gallows for a crime he did not commit, While the accomplice, Christopher Craig, who did fire the fatal shot, only serves time at Her Majesties Pleasure. In reality Christopher Craig only served 10 years while Derek Bentley had his life taken away. A gritty drama telling of Bentley and Craig's criminal exploits in South London shortly after the war.

Peter Medak

Tom Courtenay,Christopher Eccleston, Eileen Atkins.

Music by Michael Kamen

Subs only in English.

Movie link:  https://youtu.be/ky0rVPBin1U

Derek Bentley was partially pardoned posthumously by Home Secretary Michael Howard, who said he should not have been hanged, but was still guilty. Bentley's conviction was later overturned by the Court of Appeal, who said that he had not had a fair trial because of the behavior of the trial judge, Lord Goddard. This movie has been credited for keeping the case in the public eye.

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