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Max Havelaar (1976)

"Max Havelaar" is a 19th century novel about the Dutch colonial rule in Indonesia - specifically, about one man's fight against the oppressive, bureaucratic and inhuman nature of the Dutch/Indonesian rule in the poor province of Lebak. The novel is (rightfully) considered one of Holland's most enduring and powerful works of literature; Fons Rademaker's 1976 cinema adaptation, however, has been largely forgotten.This is a shame. While the script is ponderous and the pacing definitely not for the impatient, it is a haunting movie thanks to its big star: beautiful Indonesia itself, one of the most lush, mysterious places on earth. Beautifully photographed by Jan "Speed" de Bont, you can practically feel the tropical heat emerge from your screen... And to see the fair-skinned Dutch try to make sense of this environment makes you wonder how they built this empire in the first place. The recreation of the 19th century is also very well done.

Directed by Fons Rademakers

Stars: Peter Farber as Max Havelaar and Rutger Hauer (still not famous) as Duclari.

Subs in English.

Watch the film on my YouTube channel by this link:

Max Havelaar é um romance do século 19 adaptado em filme pelo diretor Fons Rademakers sobre a colônia holandesa na Indonésia. Descreve a luta de um homem contra a administração desumana, burocrática e opressiva dos holandeses na província pobre de Lebak. O filme é muito bem fotografado por Jan de Bont, que viria ser um diretor conhecido,de filmes como Twister de 1996 e Lara Croft de 2003.

Elenco: Peter Farber como Max Havelaar e Rutger Hauer (ainda não famoso) como Duclari.

Legendas somente em Inglês que encontrei.

Veja o filme no meu canal no YouTube por este link:

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