sábado, 22 de junho de 2024

My YouTube channels temporarily frozen

I have three YouTube channels:

Revista Cine TV

Revista Cine TV - Rosebud

Revista Cine TV - Troy

The reason for three channels is that I am always trying to escape from getting my channels removed by YouTube. After three strikes, the channel is completed deleted by them. All the movies are gone with it.

The system used by YouTube to check copyright is very weak and unreliable to say the least.

Some movies that I publish are considered No Copyright Issues, but later, when the copyright owner watches his film on the platform, sends a message to YouTube to remove the film. A strike follows.

Sometimes the film published is copyrighted but the owner allows the movie to be on YouTube.  Later, the movie is removed by request of the holder of the rights.

This is not a fair play being practiced by YouTube. If you complain you get zero response.

Therefore, I have to live with this. It is like the Nazis with the French Resistance in Paris at the time of the French Occupation.

My channels are temporarily frozen because they are on ‘phase 2’, that is, with two strikes. They will be unfrozen by mid or end of July 2024 when the first or second strike expires. Be patient and follow this blog.

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