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Hägringen (1959) aka Fata Morgana / Mirage

In 1959, Peter Weiss made his first feature length film, Hägringen, with Staffan Lamm and Gunilla Palmstierna in leading roles. The script to the rather experimental film is based on the novel Document I which he had published in Swedish in 1949 on his own initiative. The film shows the encounter of a young man with a large city that is yet unknown to him. His passage, accompanied by often surrealistic and absurd impressions, turns into a tour-de-force through various urban milieus. 

Director: Peter Weiss.

Writer: Peter Weiss.

Stars: Staffan Lamm, Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss, Birger Åsander, Lars Edström, Tor-Ivan Odulf.

Cinematographer: Gustaf Mandal.

Composers: Lennart Fors, Peter Weiss.

Subs: English.

Link: https://rarefilmm.com/2023/04/hagringen-1959/

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