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Illustrious Corpses (Cadaveri eccellenti) - 1976

Gifted director Francesco Rosi masterfully helms this elegant, compelling and wonderfully stylish paranoid thriller that concerns the valiant investigations of Inspector Rogas(Lino Ventura) as he unearths some dark, unsettling truths in this particularly confounding case. Various high profile judges are being assassinated by a mysterious sniper, are these the crazed retributions of a lone, vengeance-seeking individual with a murderous grudge against these ageing magistrates, or, is this a vile political conspiracy of far-reaching consequence?

Francesco Rosi

Lino Ventura, Tina Aumont, Max von Sidow, Fernando Rey

Music by Piero Piccione

Subs: English, Spanish.

Copyright blocked only in Russia

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