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Letters from Marusia - Actas de Marusia (1975)

It is 1925 and working conditions in Chile are abysmal. The miners of Marusia go on strike, but the mine owners and the Government use the Chilean Army crush them.

This is only film who shows how terrible was life during "The saltpetre age" (1880-1929) for working class in Chile. All the attempts to create worker unions were crushed by violence. Maybe the script show too bad the baddies and too good the good guys, but all these terrible carnages actually took place in some mines. Recommended for those who want to learn about a dark side of our History.


Miguel Littin


Gian Maria Volontè, Diana Bracho, Claudio Obregón

English Subtittles

MOVIE LINK: https://ok.ru/video/2666854025894

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