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The Inn of The Sixth Happiness (Mark Robson, 1958)

A tenacious British woman becomes a missionary and runs an inn for travelling merchants in China during the Japanese invasion and the tumultuous years leading up to the Second World War.

Mark Robson

Isobel Lennart, based on book by Alan Burgess

Ingrid Bergman, Robert Donat, Curd Jürgens, Burt Kwouk

This is the final film of the great Robert Donat, who died during its making. In the scene in which he is saying goodbye to Gladys as the elders prepare to take their leave of the city, he says, as though he was prophesying his death, "I fear we shall never see each other again."

Curd Jurgens, one of my favorite German actors.

Burt Kwouk would later be Cato, Peter Sellers´ friend in the Pink Panther series of movies.

Link for the movie: https://youtu.be/goKt-Uo_NsI

Subs: English & Portuguese

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