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A Month By The Lake (1995)

This romantic comedy is set before before the onset of WWII. The lightweight plot focuses on a beautiful, elegant villa in the summer of 1937 where Miss Bentley has already spent sixteen summers with her father. Her father has died recently and the only English speaking guests are a group of Americans.

Esta comédia romântica se passa antes do início da Segunda Guerra Mundial. O enredo foca uma elegante mansão no verão de 1937, onde Miss Bentley passou dezesseis verões com seu pai, que faleceu recentemente e os únicos convidados que falam Inglês são um grupo de americanos.

Directed by John Irvin

Cast: Vanessa Redgrave, Edward Fox, Uma Thurman, Alida Valli, Alessandro Gassmann.

Music by Nicola Piovani.

Based on novella by H. E. Bates.

Miss Beaumont's name means 'beautiful mountain'. This is in reference to the considerable height difference between Beaumont (Uma Thurman) and Major Wilshaw (Edward Fox).

This film also reunites Edward Fox with Vanessa Redgrave since their previous film Oh! Que Bela Guerra! (1969). There is a gap of twenty-six years between the two films.

The producer Robert Fox is the younger brother of Edward Fox (Major Wilshaw) and the former son-in-law of Vanessa Redgrave (Miss Bentley).

Edward Fox and Uma Thurman had previously co-starred in Robin Hood, o Herói dos Ladrões (1991), which was also directed by John Irvin.

Movie is copyrighted but it is only blocked in Vatican City, Italy and San Marino.

Subtitles in English only.

LINK: https://youtu.be/SsZGhbC8-fI

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